Sludge treatment in Skanderborg

The establishment of a new sludge treatment plant at the Skanderborg wastewater treatment plant is a story of successful collaboration and mutual professional respect.

The client coordinated the project and, at Aquagain, we only have praise for the project management and the good and efficient decision-making throughout the project. 

The project involved extending the existing building where the limited floor-to-ceiling height proved a challenge: 

The installation of a new overhead travelling crane was complicated by the narrow space available. Through good dialogue with Baytech, we found the right solution.

Aquagain’s contract comprised the dismantling of the existing equipment, the establishment of temporary drainage, the installation of two new decanters, the delivery and installation of sludge pumps with associated pipe systems including various valves and flowmeters, sludge auger, reject water pots and pipes, polymer buffer tank including piping, technical water for machines, overhead travelling crane and stairs.