The Aquagain Race – together apart

Like everything else, the traditional Aquagain Race is impacted by the present COVID-19 situation; the Race as we know it has been cancelled as it would be impossible to comply with the current guidelines.

HOWEVER, walking/running on an individual basis is still possible. Brørup running club will ensure that all routes are signposted.

There will be no joint start but there will be free access to all signposted routes in the period 10:00 to 14:00 – which means that we are able to spread out participants and comply with the current prohibition against assembly.

The routes are:

  • 1 km children’s race
  • 4.4 km walking route
  • 5.5 km running route
  • 11 km running route
  • 21.1 km running route

Water depots will be set up along the routes and it will also be possible to enjoy water, coffee and cake after the race. All participants are entitled to receive an Aquagain medal after completing the race.

Next year’s Aquagain Race will take place on 5 September 2021.