Aquagain appoints Engineering Manager

As of 3 August 2020, Jesper Højer has been appointed the Engineering Manager and Head of the Design Studio. Jesper is trained as a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Odense Technical College in January 2000 and has a background as a machine operator in the food and pharmaceutical industry from 1994.

Throughout his career, Jesper has worked in project departments, development departments and for the past 13 years as a consultant for various Danish and international companies with the development of machinery for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as large constructions and transport equipment for the energy sector.

Jesper’s experience includes designing various complex plants and machinery for both Danish and foreign customers. He has previously been responsible for both a Danish and Norwegian department and served as the head of a design studio for many years.

Jesper lives in Kolding and has 5 children aged 8, 10, 12, 16 and 18. His free time is spent hunting and sailing boats, and in his younger years he successfully participated in both match races and sailing racing - now he dreams circumnavigating the world.