New treatment plant for drinking water | Kalundborg, Denmark

Aquagain has supplied and installed a complete water treatment plant for drinking water. The delivery and installation have covered all mechanical equipment, various process plants and associated forging work.

As the first in the world, Kalundborg Forsyning now treats surface water without the use of chlorine. The new waterworks, Tissø II, is a high-tech and innovative waterworks with a focus on sustainability, where energy consumption, working environment and hygiene requirements are essential. 

Tissø II has cost DKK 90 million and will annually transport of 1.6 million cubic meters of water from Tissø and out to Kalundborg's industrial companies.

It replaces Tissø I, whose capacity is one million cubic meters a year. However, Tissø I remains backup over the next three months. 

The transition from Tissø I to Tissø II means, among other things, that the water waste is more than halved, that electricity consumption is reduced by 33 percent and that two chemicals are phased out. The water is supplied in drinking water quality, which is crucial for Novozymes, which produces enzymes for the food industry. 

Kalundborg Supply supplies approx. 3.5 million cubic meters of surface water per year, which replaces drinking water, and thus helps to protect groundwater reserves.


Tissoe 2


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